16 Mar 2016

Visiting Authors Celebrations: Week 1

Jacqueline Woodson, Robin Page, Steve Jenkins.
When you walk on to campus, you can feel that something special is taking place at ASD. Students, teachers and parents are experiencing a kind of magic. Our community is buzzing with excitement about books and the inspirational people who create them. 

Jacqueline Woodson, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page have delighted our students from K1 right up through High School, as well as our teachers and parents. Thirty-two presentations and workshops were offered in our first week of their visit.

Highlights from the week include the Elementary School welcome assembly, hosted by our Student Librarians, an after-school writing workshop with Jacqueline for ES students and and Steve and Robin's discussions about the design process with AP Art students.

Jacqueline has captivated our Elementary students with readings from Show Way, Brown Girl Dreaming, This is the Rope, Each Kindness and The Other Side. One student described Jacqueline's poetry readings as "mesmerizing" and another said he could listen to her read all day. Jacqueline's insights into her writing and passion are inspiring for our students. Her message is clear, "Do what makes you happy. Do what you love." And writing - writing is what Jacqueline loves.

Steve and Robin engaged our younger students with a book making project in which students each created their own guessing game book. Our upper elementary grades gained insight into many intriguing animal facts and got sneak-peeks at some of Steve and Robin's latest books. Our students are fascinated by the collaborative process that Steve and Robin use to design their intricate books.

Our Library team is proud of the thoughtful questions, responses and enthusiasm of our students as they take full advantage of the learning opportunities with our visiting authors. We can't wait to discover what the second week will bring! 

Upcoming Family Opportunities:

Thursday, March 17
ES Art and Movement Workshop with Steve, Robin and their daughter Page 
3:15-4:15pm in the ES Library

Tuesday, March 22:
Talk Tuesday Double Feature: Books as a Mirror and Window to the World (ES Library)

8:15-9:00 Jacqueline Woodson: Diverse Characters in the Hands of All Children
9:15-10:00 Steve Jenkins: Blending Science and Art in Nonfiction

3 Mar 2016

One School, One Book: Reading is Our Own Kind of Show Way

Have you read Brown Girl Dreaming and Show Way? Show your participation in our One School, One Book by adding a patch to our readers quilt in the Elementary Library. 

Each triangle patch on the windows of the library represents one reader. The warm colors of red, orange and yellow show readers of Show Way and the cool colors or blue, green and purple show readers of Brown Girl Dreaming.

Jacqueline tells us that the things that happened before you are your own kind of show way. We believe that all the books you read also make up your own kind of show way.

Stop by to add to our readers quilt and to read the thoughts of our fellow ASD readers.

Visiting Authors Family Opportunities