30 Oct 2017

Student Librarians: Contributors, Leaders and Role Models

Our student librarians are contributors, leaders and role models in our Elementary School community. This semester, our student librarian team includes thirty-two Grade 3, 4 and 5 student volunteers. These students give hours of their time each week to learn and work in the Elementary Library.

The student librarians volunteer during one of three times during the day; early morning before school, recess times or after school until 4:15 pm. The team began the year with training sessions with Ms. Bello and Ms. Pollock, learning the layout of the library, the circulation system, and basic library procedures.

Responsibilities of the the student librarians include organizing shelves, assisting others in the library, cleaning books, shelving, managing the circulation desk and helping with special project such as visiting authors preparations.

A large group of student librarians helped to run a stand at the annual Halloween Trick-or-Treat Night. The students had fun managing a bean bag toss game and distributing candy to our visitors. A big thank you goes to the volunteers who helped support this school-wide event.

We look forward to more outstanding contributions from our student librarians as the school year continues. We appreciate your dedication and commitment to making our library the best it can be for our community of learners.