28 Sep 2016

Congratulations summer readers!

Over the past few weeks, Mr. Advento, Ms. Bello and I have been visiting classes to congratulate students in K1-Grade 5 who participated in the Superhero Summer Reading Challenge. In total, 102 elementary students completed the challenge. Each student was presented with a certificate and congratulated by his or her homeroom class and teacher.

Students were encouraged to set a challenge for themselves over the summer. Reading across genres was encouraged as well as reading in-depth within an area of interest. Our students recorded their reading progress in a variety of different ways. Some documented their reading using images of the book covers, some made lists or collages, some used the Superhero grid, some made their own charts -- each one was unique and reflected thoughtful reading!

We have enjoyed hearing about all of the wonderful books our elementary students read over the summer. Congratulations to all of our super readers! And here's to another year of setting reading goals together.

1 Sep 2016

Welcome Back for a SUPER Year in ES Library

Welcome back to all of our students, parents, teachers and staff! Our library team is thrilled to begin another exciting school year at ASD. 

We have a super team in the ES Library this year! Joining us is Mary Kelly Bello, our new K1-5 Librarian, and Kate Rodden, our new Library Assistant. Returning from our team is Mara Ziemele and Parvis Somani, as library assistants, and myself, Natasha Pollock, also a K1-5 Librarian this year.

All of our students from K1 through Grade 5 have now visited the library with their classes at least once during the first rotation. We have also enjoyed greeting our student visitors as recess times during the day. Don't forget we are open also before school from 7:30-7:50 am and also after school from 3-4pm. It's great to see many families already getting into a routine of visiting the library.

Our newest K1 students have taken tours of their new library and practiced reading books together. We love how excited our K1 boys and girls are about finding books to share and to read at home. All grade levels thought about how we can use the ASD Core Values to make our library a super place to learn.

 Our shelves are bursting with books just waiting to be read! Stop by the library for a visit!