13 Sep 2017

A new year, a new look


We are excited to welcome back our community of learners to the ASD Libraries. And, we offer a warm invitation to all of our new families to stop by and learn what the libraries have to offer! Our libraries are community hubs for students, parents, faculty and staff. We encourage you to take advantage our our vast resources and variety of spaces.

Our ES Library is open from 7:45 am - 4:15 pm and our MS/HS Library is open from 7:45 am - 4:45 pm. Please visit our ES Library and MS/HS Library websites to learn more.

Reimagining ASD Libraries

Over the last three years the K-12 Library Team has been dreaming big. As we reimagine our spaces, we reimagine learning. Our goal is to ultimately transform our library spaces to create relevant, engaging centers for collaboration, communication and innovation with future learning in mind. Our libraries aim to be enticing, impactful, inspiring, and visionary. Our spaces and services will embody our core values and enhance learning experiences for our entire community.

The reimagining project included the following goals:

  1. Create distinctive ASD Libraries identity and signage.
  2. Develop collaborative, flexible study rooms and classrooms.
  3. Create multi-purpose learning areas using dynamic, flexible and varied seating.
  4. Enhance and showcase print collection with versatile, mobile shelving.
  5. Create flexible circulation system.

As a result of the giving of many donors and event proceeds, we were able to achieve these targets over a three year period. We have designed a distinctive visual K-12 Library identity creating consistent, recognizable library experience for our community.
We have designed a distinctive visual K-12 Library identity creating consistent, recognizable library experience for our community.

Our new library seating supports student learning by creating areas for collaboration as well as individual work. Furniture sizes, colors, and styles are comfortable, inviting, and functional. Our study rooms and classrooms offer students and teachers flexibility. Learning spaces can be easily adjusted with foldable tables on wheels and stacking, lightweight chairs. White boards and/or flat screens for projection are available in all rooms.

With our new shelving system, we can showcase a relevant and appealing print collection that enables student discovery and logical organization. Many shelving units are on wheels allowing for flexible space design. Shelves are used to create interesting seating areas for collaboration and independent study.

We have created open, student-friendly information points and self-check stations. The footprint of the circulation desk has been reduced and increased flexibility.

We look forward to more developments in the next few months as we receive more seating for our libraries and open the new Professional Learning Library. Stay tuned! We welcome your feedback as we seek to continually improve and reimagine the possibilities for ASD Libraries.

New Library Book Bags

All students in K1, K2 and Grade 1 have now received their new ASD Libraries book bag. Each bag is labelled with the student's name and class. Please ensure that students bring the bags to their library class on the library class day in the rotation.
All other students and parents may purchase a bag for AED 30. Please visit the ES Library to get yours today!