13 Dec 2016

Reimagining ASD Libraries

ASD Libraries are always working to improve and to enhance the experience for our students and our community. Our goal is to live our vision for ASD Libraries, making it a reality. 

"ASD Libraries serve to inspire and guide students on their personal learning pathways. The libraries provide students with ubiquitous access to relevant information through dynamic virtual and physical spaces. The libraries are a model and center for collaboration, communication and innovation."

As a K-12 Library team, we developed targets to help us reimagine our libraries and work towards our vision of dynamic spaces that enhance learning for a variety of students:

  1. Create distinctive ASD Libraries identity and signage.
  2. Develop collaborative, flexible study rooms and classrooms.
  3. Create multi-purpose learning areas using dynamic, flexible and varied seating.
  4. Enhance and showcase print collection with versatile, mobile shelving.
  5. Create flexible check-in and circulation system.

Since June, our libraries have added new flexible and varied seating. Some seating provides opportunities for collaboration and some for independent reading. Some are "5-minute chairs" and some are "curl-up and stay for an hour" chairs. We realize that a variety of learners need a variety of seating.

Our library study rooms and classrooms have all had a major remodel. We have tables on wheels and light-weight stackable chairs. The rooms can be easily reconfigured in just a few minutes to meet the needs of learning and instruction. We have also added white boards to each space for students to show their thinking, either independently or as a group.

New book browsing bins and new magazine display shelving have also been added to enhance our students' browsing experience. A special thank you PTSA for helping fund our new front-facing magazine shelving and storage in both the Elementary and Secondary Libraries. We greatly appreciate your continued support as we make our libraries the best they can be for our students.

Students are excited about the new additions and changes! We love making improvements when our students are so appreciative and responsive to the changes. Look our for even more exciting additions in the next semester!