12 Mar 2014

Looking for Images? Check Out Image Quest, A New Database for Students

Our students are always looking for images on the the internet to use for school projects. Our Grade 1 students are creating Pic Collages about animals, our Grade 4 students published ebooks about an important event in history and our Grade 5 students are developing presentations on Native Americans.

We know that is it very important to ethically and responsibly use images, and all content for that matter, found on websites. Our students know that they can't just take an image without citing where it cam from. Using a Creative Commons search is one way students can ensure that the images they find are free for public use for creative work.

Britannica's Image Quest is a new alternative for students, offering access to around 3 million rights-cleared images from a variety of collections form around the world. Image Quest also provides clear citation information for all the images.

The link has been added to our Elementary eResources page and here is the link for your reference:

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