1 May 2014

New Magazine: National Geographic Explorers for iPad

Our Elementary students are buzzing about a fantastic new magazine available in the ES Library! National Geographic Explorer is an engaging, interactive and informative magazine for the iPad.

Each month, the issues contain three fascinating articles which include amazing images, videos and interactive learning games. The best part is that there are three different reading levels each month; Young Explorer is for K1-Grade 1, Explorer Pioneer is for Grades 2-3, and Explorer Pathfinder is for Grades 4-5.

To give you an example, this month's Pioneer and Pathfinder editions include articles about an orphaned sloth sanctuary, wild weather and storms, and growing food around the world. The Young Explorer includes articles about how animals smell, growing a garden, and baby cranes.

Students are welcome to read the issues in the library during class time, at recess, after school. Just visit the main desk to check out an iPad! Of course, we also subscribe to National Geographic Kids print edition which is available for check out.

Students, teachers and parents can visit the Young Explorers and Explorers websites for more information and even for issues that you can read for free online.

Here are some direct links for online issues and support activities for various grade levels:

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