3 Oct 2014

Biblionasium: Discover, Read, Share

Our students in Grades 4 and 5 are connected to an online reading community called Biblionasium. Designed specifically for kids, each student can build a virtual bookshelf, engage with classmates about reading, keep a reading log, write book reviews and access an entire database of books.

The feedback is unanimous, our students love Biblionasium! It's fun, it's visual, it is interactive. Students like to keep track of their personal reading, set goals for future reading and to view their friends shelves for ideas on what to read. Students also like the recommendation feature where they can send a recommendation directly to a friend or to the entire class.

Each class has its own reading community. It is safe and monitored by the teacher. No one outside of the class can join without the teacher's permission. The teacher is also able to make recommendations or set goals for individuals or the whole class.

Kids can search for books and authors. Just by touching the cover of a book, students can read a summary and view other kids' reviews. If they come across a book that looks great, they can tag it as a book they want to read later so they don't forget. Books on students' digital shelves can be organized by favorites and in the order in which they have read them over the school year.

Reading should be a social experience. Biblionasium offers our students an exciting platform to talk about books and to be a part of a reading community. Visit the Biblionasium site to learn more!

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