14 Dec 2014

InFlow: Building Research Skills

This year, elementary students are reflecting on their research process by using a new model called InFlow. ASD has adopted InFlow as an integrated model for K-12 information literacy. The eight elements of InFlow are ask, map, explore, make, show, imagine, collaborate and reflect

Some of the basic concepts around the InFlow model are:

  • K-12 common language and cohesive model for the research process. 
  • Designed to be engaging for learners and to support learner-centered and individualized learning. 
  • Focussed on authentic learning experiences and the production of creative, tangible outputs. 
  • Process which flows naturally from one element to the next, rather than a set of isolated tasks. 
  • Elements can be undertaken in any order. It is likely that some elements will be repeated several times, but equally, it is not essential to use every element during an activity. 
  • Learners engage with information in a variety of ways as they map, explore, ask, reflect, collaborate, imagine, show and make. 
  • Collaboration is an important component of and group projects and team work are supported. However, each of the elements can also be carried out as an individual task as appropriate. 
  • The model is designed to adaptable for different age ranges. 
  • It is intended to be refined and adapted by each individual to suit their own situation and the needs of their learners.

Sample of a Grade 4 student note taking organizer.

InFlow in Action:

Grade Four students are working collaboratively to research life on the Oregon Trail. In small groups, they have developed a series of questions. Using a Google Doc to organize their note taking, each group member is responsible for a specific focus area. As a team, the students work together to learn about this period in American history. All of the questions are self-selected making the process entirely inquiry driven by the students. A variety of books and electronic resources are used to answer their questions.

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