27 May 2015

ES Student Librarians: Learning, Leading and Lending a Hand

Do you ever wonder where your friends are during recess and after school in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade? They are volunteering and making a difference in the ES Library and school by making sure the books are cleaned, shelved and many other important tasks. These students are providing community service to make the Elementary School at ASD a better place. If you are a 3rd, 4th or 5th grader interested in the Student Librarian Program next year, you will be eligible to apply in the Fall!

--Written by Sejal Mehta

The ES Student Librarian program began informally with a few keen students offering their time to help in the library. These volunteers’ dedication soon became noticed by other students who also wanted to volunteer. It became clear that the elementary library needed an organised system for scheduling and training students who were committed to the library.

The goal of the Student Librarian program is to give students leadership opportunities, to help students take ownership of their library and to offer students a place to obtain work experience while giving back to the school community in a meaningful way. The program offers a series of training sessions throughout the year for building library skills. Student Librarians assist the library staff in daily library operations and assist library visitors.

Student Librarians are expected to commit to at least one session per week and attend after-school training sessions. The Student Librarian Team warmly greet and help library visitors. They complete various housekeeping tasks such as front facing books, straightening shelves and organising magazines. As Student Librarians acquire more training, they also “read” shelves, shelve books, work at the circulation desk and manage iPads and Laptops.

The entire ES Library team is proud of this extraordinary group of students! We thank you for your commitment, continuous learning and the contributions you have made to your library and school.

-- by Ms. Carly Brown and Ms. Pollock

The ES Student Librarian Team:

Walaa Al Alamin
Hannah Caudill
Rania Harryanto
Nihal Khatwani
Sara Mitri
Alia Dasmal
Tyson McCarty
Fiona Knight
Lucia Franco
Sarah Elzein
Maya Abdel-Wadood
Sejal Mehta
Mashal Shaikhani

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