24 Jan 2018

Students Empowered Through Self Checkout

We want our students to be independent, empowered library users. In an effort to increase student agency and ownership, we shifted to student self-checkout over the last year. We now have six stations in the library that allow students to checkout through either their homeroom or individual name. Students can easily view the titles that they currently have checked out.

In addition to using their personal library accounts through Destiny Discover, through which they can search, renew and place holds on books, self-checkout allows students to take charge of their own library needs. 

What do students notice? They love the actual scanning or "beeping" of the books and appreciate that they don't have to wait in line to check out! Many students also feel that they are more aware of what they have checked out and can more easily mange how many books they are taking home.

What does this mean for the library staff? We can now have more important one-to-one conversations with students, we can help students find the books they are looking for, and we can make recommendations to students. We are no longer working behind a desk, but working side by side with our students. By removing a physical barrier, we are building stronger relationships with our students and building their capacity for learning.

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