24 Mar 2019

Visiting Authors Spark Inspiration

Our first week of workshops with Laura Vaccaro Seeger and William Kamkwamba were nothing short of AMAZING! Students were inspired to write, draw, design, build and inquire. 

With Laura, many students created cut-out books inspired by the books The Hidden Alphabet and First the Egg. Laura challenged our students to think differently, to think about the "empty space" and design a letter hidden within a picture. Some students drew portraits using the letters in their names just like Laura did in her book Walter Was Worried. We were all thrilled to learn more about Laura's creative process, intentional design and the meaning behind many of her beautiful picture books.

William's workshops gave students the opportunity to build side-by-side with him. Students were asked to consider a local problem in the UAE and to design a prototype to help solve the problem. Some of the students ideas included litter management, stray pet solutions, water conservation, and ocean cleaning. Of course, many students also wanted to build prototypes of windmills, just like William. Students loved asking William questions about his life in Malawi and his design process.

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