2 Feb 2016

Students Librarians: Leading and Learning

The first semester set a record for our Student Librarian numbers - 43 students from Grades Four and Five volunteered their time to work in the Elementary Library. Their total work came to 250 hours over the semester!

After a series of training sessions, the Student Librarians worked on a wide range of jobs. The responsibilities included learning to shelve, front facing books, cleaning returned books, deleting unwanted books from the circulation system and helping to manage the circulation desk. Some small groups started special projects such as developing an interactive read aloud and puppet show for our younger students and creating signs for book displays.

The Student Librarians are engaged in their library work before school, during recess times and after school at a time that works with each individual's schedule. In many cases their work as Student Librarians offers them the real world experiences of responding to requests, solving problems, assisting others and providing a service to a larger community.

Their service to the school sets an example for all of our students and truly embodies the ideals of our student profile by offering students an opportunity to build their skills as both leaders and contributors. Not to mention thinkers, communicators and learners.

Many of our Student Librarians have taken on leadership roles during their library class time as well. They assist students in finding books and lead by example by treating the library with respect and sharing their passion for books with their classmates. Their enthusiasm is contagious! Often our student librarians are excellent sources for recommending the next great book to read to their friends.

We are proud of the service that these students have given to ASD and to their library. During the second semester, we are excited to continue with many retuning students and some new recruits! Keep up the amazing work, team!

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