2 Feb 2016

InFlow Inquiry Process Gets a New Look

Whether it’s Social Studies research, information writing or a Science investigation, ASD students and teachers continue to apply the Information Flow Inquiry Process to their learning experiences. Over the past year, we have been developing our common language and practice of inquiry using InFlow as a school.

ASD K-12 Libraries are excited to reveal our new InFlow logo and poster design. The puzzle pieces represent the interconnected nature of the InFlow elements. Each piece of the puzzle can be connected in any order and can be repeated. Students build the big picture of their individual process. They are discovering that the picture of their learning process look different depending on the task.

Building on the original work of Sarah McNicol who developed the InFlow model, our library team saw the need to add a new element, “connect,” to the process to capture the way students synthesize information and connect to prior knowledge to create new understanding. 

Special thanks go to Ms. Margaret, our ES Library instructional assistant, who designed the new look for InFlow. The library team is proud to report that we now have a Creative Commons Attribution License for InFlow. Under the license, other schools can use, adapt and share further work with InFlow.

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  1. Great work! I am excited to include this work into consideration as we develop a Research Process at ACS, Amman.