23 Mar 2017

Memories for a Lifetime with Visiting Authors

Just when we thought it couldn't get more exciting - we continued with Week 2 of our Visiting Authors Celebration. Students were immersed in inspiring storytelling and drawing throughout the week. 

Students loved Matthew's sneak peaks of I'm Scared and I'm Silly. We also got to meet Babymouse as a Middle Schooler in the first volume of the series Tales from the Locker. And, we even got to see a glimpse of the new Squish animated TV series! Matthew drew all kinds of new Babymouse adventures -- she got to eat an ice cream stack as tall as the Burj Khalifa!

We were all in snitches with George's story of his real-life encounter with a Greek god. Ask any student in Grades 3-5 to explain how George learned his lesson when he declared, "I'm the son of Poseidon!" Our favorite of George's live drawings included Zeus riding on a triceratops and Poseidon battling against Captain Awesome and Super Turbo!

Victoria demonstrated and practiced drawing her famous characters Boomer, G.W., Bea and Astrid with our students. Each group then created an original story featuring an animal using both pictures and words. We had all kinds of stories from a cat who played ultimate frisbee to a bunny who battled a fox.

Students turned out in record numbers for our after school workshops. We had more than 60 students join in the fun for each of our three drawing sessions. Students drew some of their favorite characters right alongside some of their favorite authors.

Thank you to the parents who joined us for our Talk Tuesday session with our authors. Matthew, George and Victoria shared their views on the value of graphic novels and the importance of visual literacy. Our visiting artists encouraged parents to help their children understand that drawing and writing take practice. They also discussed the importance of developing skills in visual presentation, not just as an author, but across all professions. Most importantly, it is just good fun to read comics aloud with your kids!

We have learned so much about comics, story telling, drawing, and reading! Our students and teachers are buzzing with excitement. Students are drawing and writing everywhere they go! Although it is the end of our visiting authors visit, it seems that it is just the beginning of ASD's graphic fever! Keep it up ASD! 

It has been an honor to host Matthew, George and Victoria. ASD is one lucky school to learn from such talented, passionate and generous artists and authors. Our community has made memories to last a lifetime. 

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