16 May 2017

K2 Students Inspire New Library Bags

A K2 student's persuasive letter.
Our K2 students care about their environment. They have been discovering how to reduce waste as part of their service learning in their classrooms. After learning about the negative impact plastic can have on the environment, students decided to write letters to the librarians and principals. Student wanted to help make a change. Why not replace our plastic library book bags with longer-lasting, cloth bags?

The librarians got to work designing a library bag. We wanted the bags to be easy to carry, to fit a range of different sized books and to last for a long time to prevent waste. We hope our students will use these bags for many years!

At a K2 assembly, Ms. Strate, Mr. Advento, Ms. Bello, and Ms. Pollock shared how they had read the students' letters. They were very impressed with the students' compassion and desire to take action to make a change to help our environment. The new library bags were revealed! Each K2 student received a bag with a special name tag.

Next year, all students in K1 and K2 will receive a library bag. And, our returning Grade 1 students will continue to use their bags. Any other student or family may purchase a bag for AED 30 from the Elementary Library.

Thank you K2 students and teachers for your initiative in helping to make a positive change and to set an example for all of our elementary school. Your voice has made a difference!

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